Greetings from Manchester!
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Greetings from Manchester!
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  Re: Greetings from Manchester!
« Responder #20 em: 12 de Novembro de 2012, 18:51 »
Back home from Braga now, was an absolutely brilliant euro away. We went straight to Braga and spent our time there rather than Porto. Thought Braga was a really nice town, didn't come across as many local fans as we usually do on these trips but those we met were very friendly. Shame the weather on the day of the game was just like home! The Irish pub in town became home base for the travelling reds, and did a very good job of hosting us. Loud atmosphere with lots of singing in there both nights I was there.

I don't think we'll ever play at a stadium quite like that ever again, such a unique ground. Was very cool to see it in person, although i think the cliff behind the goal would've looked more impressive in daylight. That "real theatre of dreams" banner made us laugh, that was a good one. Did start to worry when the lights went out that it would be abandoned and we'd have to change travel plans and stay over for the replay ... would've liked an extra day over there actually but glad it went ahead!

Credit to the Braga police force as well for being quite relaxed with us all. They came to the pubs and told us all where we could get the special buses they put on to the stadium. They were polite doing the ticket checks and only kept us in for 15mins after. We expected the worst after being locked in the Luz for an hour, hit with batons and escorted through moving traffic in Lisbon last season but this was nothing like that. Actually Braga was a much better away trip than Benfica!

Thanks to everyone in Braga for the hospitality and making it a memorable European away, from all of us at United. I will never, ever forget standing there in the rain with all the lights off, the entire away end swaying and singing "We're Man United, we'll play in the dark!!". Brilliant! Good luck with the next two games and hopefully reaching the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League! :)


Thank you for your sympathy, but in truth the BRACARENSES are hospitables.

We are in the final of champions!!!

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