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"A Perrichon Week"
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Karl Juniores
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  "A Perrichon Week"
« em: 19 de Abril de 2011, 21:56 »

For every single person that assisted Braga’s two games last week. I salute you! Never before have we experienced such emotion during games. From pure fatasy football inthe second half against Guimaraes to the nail bitingly historic quarter final draw against Dinamo Kiev. I have lived many fleeting moments of bliss but never before have I witnessed it so intensely from the first minute to the last minute. The games, the week, the football from sublime to pure rubbish, the fans, the stadium announcer and the amount of young fans following Braga. This was a “I remember when” moment(or week) that we will tell our grandchildren about just like our mothers and fathers and their parents tell us about Braga’s cup win in the 1966. It wasn’t just a “Perrichon moment”, it was a “Perrichon week!” Nor will it be remembered by fleeting moments or goals. Nor will only one or two names be remembered. The manager, the players, the president, who sat beside you in the stadium, the stadium announcer, the red card, the penalty, the boycott, the flags, the scarfs, the athmosphere, the pure unadulterated joy, Avenida Central… And it hasn’t finished yet… There is plenty to go including a semi final(and maybe a trip to Dublin) and the fight for third place in the league.

Drawing with Nacional was not the worst thing in the world. I think the team will learn a very valuable lesson from conceding a goal in injury time. In the semi final we must once again fight for every single ball, the fans must sing from the first minute to the last, we must get to the stadium early and show the team when they enter the pitch that we are willintg to sacrifice some time to arive early for a game and show our belief in them. It was a lesson we all know about conceding points at the end of a game. It also happened to us in Pacos this season. but that team is no the team we have now. We now have a team that fights for everything and everybody for 90 minutes. We are not the only ones that are livign a dream. This is what every living footballer lives for. We are all living and fighting for the same dream.

This week I’ve tried really hard not to insult any of our rivals so Idecided to leave out words like Lampioes, Tripeiros, Lagartos and Espanois. It was extremmely difficult but I am very happy that I managed to do it!

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