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As you might have realized this is not the official club website. This is a site maintained with LOVE and PASSION for our club. We would like you to find here a space to live that passion for the club and help us in our quest to succeed as the 4th biggest club in Portugal. Moreover, this is an opportunity to link together supporters from all over the world.

This website was born a few years ago counting only with the care of some more web literated supporters. We are proud to say the SUPERBRAGA.COM is today a daily reference for all SCB supporters spread around the world.

Surfing through the website you will be able to find relevant information about the club. We remind you of how everything begun, all the presidents that the board has had and we record all the achievements that make Braga one of the biggest and most well recognized clubs in Portugal.
We also care about the other sports that SCB is involved in. We promote them and try to provide you with all results and classifications of competitions we’re in.

Last but not least we provide with a forum, which is free and independent, where everybody is invited to express their opinions about the daily issues of our club.

In the green and beautiful region of Minho, lays Braga, 3rd biggest city in Portugal, and home to Sporting Clube de Braga, a foremost club in the history of Portuguese football.
Braga was one of the host cities of Euro04. Our magnificient stadium was home to a few games of the tournament and was inaugurated in December 03. Since then, it has been awarded many prizes both at a national and international level.

Our football team has consistently been finishing in the 4th place, just behind the classic teams from Lisbon and Porto but not without a brave fight until the last round. As for the UEFA Cup, after a few unlucky draws in the first round against Hearts of Midlothian, Scotland (2004/05) and Crvena Zvezda (formerly known as Red Star Belgrade), Serbia (2005/06), we managed to qualify for the group stage by beating Chievo Verona, third classified in the Italian League in 2005/2006. We did well in the group stages, by beating Grasshopper (Switzerland) and Sloban Liberek (Czech Republic) and only finishing behind Sevilla and AZ Alkmaar.
In the subsequent round we beated a previous UEFA Cup winner (Parma, Italy) by winning home and away. We fought bravely for a place in the last 8 with highly-rated Tottenham Hotspurs reaching a 6-4 aggregate loss. We also did reasonably well in the Portuguese cup only being beated in the semi-final by rival Belenenses.

Despite all these successes last season was by no means typical. Between May of 2006 and March of 2007 we had four managers taking over the club! Nevertheless, results were quite positive, which reflects the good organisational structure that allows the team to focus on winning.

Amongst our squad we have a lot of famous players. João Pinto, 36 is one of the remaining members of the Portuguese Golden Generation and is probably the most known of all Braga players. However, the likes of Paulo Santos (Portuguese internacional present in the 2006 World Cup), César Peixoto (former UEFA Cup and Champions League winner with FC Porto), Andrés Madrid (former Argentinian U21 internacional), Rodriguez (Peruvian star internacional with a notable 2007 Copa America performance), Roland Linz (Austrian internacional) or Jorginho (former Brazilian U21) are joined to our home-grown stars such as highly rated central defender Paulo Jorge, the eternal Castanheira and a group of youngsters that are eagerly waiting for an opportunity to shine.

Our manager, the former Portugal's central defender Jorge Costa has imposed his style and the team fights fiercely until the last minute, a bit like the image that he oozed throughout his career. He is by many observers a rising star in the managerial scene.

Our current economic status is unlike most clubs in Portugal, extremely good. Due to the sellings of players such as Tiago (Benfica, Chelsea, Lyon, Juventus), Ricardo Rocha (Benfica, Tottenham), Quim (Benfica), Cícero, Jorge Luís and Luís Loureiro (Dinamo Moskow), João Alves and Wender (Sporting Lisbon, Wender is on a loan), Nunes (Maiorca), Luís Filipe (Benfica) have left our vaults quite comfortable. Players feel that Braga is the ideal club to jump onto a giant European club and invariably accept lowering their wages in order to play for Braga. The result is good for all parts.

However, despite being the most proeminent sport, football is just a small part of the club. SC Braga is highly renowned throughout Europe in athletics, swimming or female voleyball. Indoor football is the latest sport to be added to our list.
SCBraga has also a strong tradition in other modalities, such as athletics, having won many european titles.

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f)- We have a forum which is free of charge but subject to previous registration.
g)- We promote various activities such as monthly interviews to sport related people; we have an election of the Footballer and the Goal of the Month that is elected by the webusers.

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